Gayrimenkul-PortfoyWe provide the service of Portfolio Management to yield maximum return by ensuring the right real estate portfolio distribution. RED Real Estate Development helps you to know your real estate better, learn its true value, manage it based on your corporate strategies, and generate favorable operational use opportunities, increase your potential revenue and to make your real estate strategy an integral part of your corporate strategy.

As part of this service, RED;

  • Creates an inventory of your real estate, assesses their value based on certain criteria and opens up opportunities for their optimization,
  • Develops a prospective real estate strategy following an extensive situation analysis, based on your real estate structure, its profitability and potential,
  • Establishes a fast and creative recovery strategy and action plan for your troubled real estates.
  • Monitors the value alteration and the efficiency of your real estate portfolio through time, and ensures maximum benefit and value by making revisions constantly.